hotel-des-haras_71118: Founding of the Vaux-de-Cernay Abbey by a group of monks from Savigny Abbey (in Manche).

1147: Affiliation with the Order of Cistercian. The estate decides to enter into a self-sufficient life: water is used to drink, for fish farming to provide food, for sanitation and energy for the mill.

1226 – 1247: Abbatiate of Thibault of Marly and zenith of the monastery.

14th Century: Decline of the intellectual and material life.

15th Century: Abandonment of the building after the 100-year-war.

16th Century: Attempts at rectifications. Reconstruction of the south gallery and monastery.

17th Century: Repair and maintenance of buildings, spiritual revival.

18th Century: Considerable construction at the start of the century then abbey debilitated by heavy costs.

1791: Sale of abbey furnishings and property.

1873: Acquisition of the park and buildings, which had been used as a quarry since the revolution, by Baron Nathaniel Rothschild. Reconstruction of the estate.

1945: Purchased by Mr Amiot, airplane constructor. The estate served as a research ground for over thirty years.

1988: Bought by Mr Savry. The estate is redeveloped as a high-class hotel and restaurant.

1989: After 6 months of construction, Vaux de Cernay joins the ‘hotels particuliers’ group. Architecture: refurbished as a high-quality hotel/restaurant, Vaux Cernay abbey regains its vocation in hospitality.